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Benefits of «TESLA ZET» luminaries


Low power consumption in comparison 
with traditional sources
Instant ignition in the case of short-term 
Save money on operating costs
High resistance to mechanical stress 
and vibration
Long life light source 
(> 50 000 hours of illumination)
Successful work in unstable electricity supply 
at overvoltage and undervoltage
Long life light source 
(> 50 000 hours of illumination)
  Power factor of not less than 0.98%


Energy-saving calculator
Power consumption of ordinary lamps, Vt.
Service life of ordinary lamps (in hours)
Price of lamp luminaire, UAH.
Rate, UAH./Kw.h.
Hours per year
Power consumption of LED lamps, Vt.
Service life of LED lamps (in hours)
Price of LED luminaire, UAH.
Number of lamps to be used
Economy from energy-saving
Annual savings, UAH.
Payback, years
Return on investment for the year %
Savings over the lifetime of lamps, UAH
Video of production and benefits of luminaries TESLA ZET ®

Company “UPK INVEST DNIPRO” – manufacturer of unique energy-saving LED luminaries.

The Trade mark “Tesla Zet” was organized in 2008. As part of its work were carried out and held their own developments of LED luminaires, spotlights and lamps. Successfully was launched production.

There is extensive trade network. The TM “Tesla Zet” is a structure that one of the first organized on the territory of Ukraine the successful launch of LED luminaries. They are not inferior to foreign analogues, and sometimes do not have them at all.

In essence it was laid down a comprehensive study on the benefits of upgrading lighting systems using developed by Tesla Zet innovative solutions.

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